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Promise Me Forever
A K-pop Crossover Fic
By loridee

Title: Promise Me Forever
Chapter(s): 1 of ?
Author: loridee
Fandom: K-pop AU Crossover Yaoi
Rating: NC-17 overall
Pairings: Jung Min/Changmin, Yunho/Hyung Jun, Young Saeng/Kyu Jong, Siwon/Leeteuk, Donghae/Ryeowook, Kyuhyun/Yesung, Yoochun/Junsu, Kibum/Alexander, past Hyun Joong/Hyung Jun, past Jaejoong/Yunho, past Siwon/Heechul, past OFC/Leeteuk.
Summary: The promise of love, trust, loyalty and secrets will fuel the relationships between Jung Min and Changmin, Yunho and Hyung Jun, Young Saeng and Kyu Jong, Siwon and Leeteuk, Donghae and Ryeowook, Kyuhyun and Yesung, Yoochun and Junsu, Hyun Joong and Jaejoong, and Kibum and Alexander.


Incheon Airport
Seoul, South Korea
Fall - present time

A deep, dreamy sigh sounded, followed by a throaty whisper, "Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous."

Tearing his eyes away from his iPod Touch, Jung Yunho looked at his best friend and TVXQ band mate strangely. Said best friend/band mate, Shim Changmin, was beaming a sunny smile as he stared across the airport at something Yunho couldn’t see. They were just arriving back from a successful three-week concert tour in Indonesia. “Who are you fawning over now?” Yunho asked, a slight smirk lifting the corners of his mouth as he stared at Changmin.

Changmin pointed in the direction of where he was staring. “Him,” he answered in that same throaty whisper again.

Yunho looked in the direction of where his friend was pointing. His smirk turned into an incredulous frown as he exclaimed in shock, “Park Jung Min?!” He looked incredulously at Changmin. “You’re fawning all over Park Jung Min?!”

Changmin nodded, his sunny smile brightening even more as he said, “Isn’t he gorgeous? The most gorgeous being I’ve ever seen.”

Yunho looked again at the object of Changmin’s attention. Park Jung Min, ex-member of the once phenomenal K-pop idol group SS501, was standing before the observation window with his best friend and ex-band mate Kim Hyung Jun watching planes land and depart. From the looks of the carry-on bags, iPhones and passports the two friends held, it looked to Yunho as though the two friends were heading overseas somewhere together. Yunho remember reading somewhere that the two award-winning solo artists were teaming up to do a series of fan-meets together similar to what their friends and former band-mates Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong did two years ago. Looking at Park Jung Min, Yunho could see clearly the beauty that was Park Jung Min. The man radiated sunshine and joy. He was smiling and laughing at something Kim Hyung Jun said. Kim Hyung Jun grinned back, and his blinding-white smile made the pit of Yunho’s stomach flutter like butterfly wings unexpectedly.

Blushing discreetly (for this wasn’t the first time he’d felt butterflies in his tummy when glancing at Kim Hyung Jun), Yunho focused his attention back on Park Jung Min. Park Jung Min was extremely handsome, Yunho had to admit, and Park Jung Min was the exact same height as Changmin – 6'1". Yunho looked at Changmin and realized in surprise that the equally gorgeous Changmin would look great standing beside Park Jung Min on the red carpet at some awards event. “He’s probably dating someone. Possibly Kim Hyung Jun,” Yunho cautioned his friend.

"Nah, he and Hyung Jun are like brothers - like how you and I are. Plus, Hyung Jun is still grieving over his breakup from Kim Hyun Joong,” Changmin said dismissively; and Yunho gritted his teeth at the mentioning of Kim Hyun Joong. It was because of Kim Hyun Joong that Yunho was no longer with Kim Jaejoong!

Changmin, unaware of the pain he had caused Yunho by mentioning the name of Yunho's ex-boyfriend, couldn't take his eyes off of Park Jung Min. “Jung Min’s not seeing anyone," Changmin informed Yunho. "In fact…he’s never been involved with anyone. He’s never been linked to anyone. He’s like me…innocent and untouched.”

Yunho smirked, coming out of the emotional fog he'd fallen into, and chided, “Untouched you may be, Min, but innocent you are not.”

Changmin looked offended! “I am so innocent! I’ve never had sex with anyone before! I’ve never kissed anyone before! I've never dated anyone before! And neither has Jung Min!”

“And you think just because you and him are virgins that you two would be perfect for each other?! Neither of you know anything! You both need to be with someone who’s experienced enough to teach you what to do and how to do it!” Yunho teased.

"He and I can experiment and learn together!” Changmin crowed proudly.

"He's not a science project, Min. This isn't high school," Yunho cautioned.

"I know that! I'm not stupid! This isn't a game to me, U-Know. I'm serious about this," Changmin admitted seriously.

Yunho shook his head, chuckling softly. It amazed him how innocent and naïve his band mate was. Changmin really had no clue how attractive and desirable he was to their legions of fans worldwide. But Park Jung Min knew how attractive and desirable he was to his legions of fans worldwide – hence the reason why Park Jung Min was known as the “Sexy Charisma” of the K-pop world. Park Jung Min was the epitome of sex appeal and he was “on” for the camera and the public 24/7. Yunho wondered if the man was ever “off” so “on” was he! “Min, he’s older than you. Two years older than you. He’s more worldly than you are even if he is an innocent,” Yunho cautioned concernedly.

“So? I can handle him. And two years isn't that big of an age gap,” Changmin said confidently.

“He’ll have you spinning, Min. You won’t know which way is up if you get involved with him. He’s always “on”. He never stops being the consummate entertainer. Not that that is a bad thing; it’s a good thing for his career, but could be a bad thing for his personal life. You think the paparazzi is bothering you now, it’s going to drive you crazy if you get involved with Park Jung Min,” Yunho warned.

“I can handle all that,” Changmin said again, his tone serious as he looked at Yunho. “I haven’t told you this, Yunho, because I knew you wouldn’t like it, but…I’ve been interested in Park Jung Min for a long time now. Ever since he won a Grammy last year for his hit album “Breathless”. He’s the first Korean since Rain and Kyuhyun to win an American Grammy Award. At his acceptance speech, he was beaming he was so happy. He looked so beautiful that night thanking the fans and the recording industry for their faith and trust him, and thanking SS501 for supporting him. I was glued to my TV, breathless over how stunning he looked that night. I’ve been interested in him ever since. Every time I see him – whether on TV or in print ads or in person – I get butterflies in my stomach and my heart beats fast.” Changmin returned his gaze to the object of his affections. “I want him, Yunho. And I’m going to get him. He’s going to be mine.”

Yunho looked at Changmin in shock. Never before had he heard his younger band mate talk so passionately about someone before. And for Changmin to be talking about Park Jung Min that way was really shocking to Yunho. “Good luck in getting close enough to him to gain his attention. He doesn’t let too many people get close to him,” Yunho warned.

“Ah, I’ll get close to him. I’ll gain his attention,” Changmin said confidently.

“Really? And just how are you going to go about doing that? Security is super-tight around him. More so than around you and me. He’s had trouble with fans man-handling him before so he’s beefed up security. The same security network that safeguards Park Leeteuk safeguards him,” Yunho reminded.

“I’m friends with some of Jung Min’s security people. They know I’m no threat to him. They’ll let me get close to him. In fact, they see me now looking at him and are waving me over. Here I go.” And before Yunho could sputter “Stop!” to Changmin, the younger man strode off across the airport towards his intended target!

“Changmin!” Yunho hissed as he hurried off after his band mate!


“He’s staring at you again,” Kim Hyung Jun casually warned; a grin lighting up his handsome face.

“I know,” Park Jung Min muttered back; a shy blush staining his cheeks as he raked a nervous hand through his hair. “Do I look OK?” he asked worriedly.

“You look beautiful,” Hyung Jun praised. “He can’t keep his eyes off of you.”

“I know. And I’m scared half to death he’ll come over here and say something to me.” Jung Min bit his lower lip as butterflies fluttered in his stomach. “Junnie, what am I going to do if he comes over here? Get me outta here if he comes over here!”

“Why? I thought you wanted to meet him,” Hyung Jun asked with a chuckle.

“I do! But not like this! Not in a crowded airport where the whole world will see! I’ll keel over dead if he comes over here!” Jung Min fretted.

Hyung Jun chuckled again at how dramatic Jung Min could be and patted Jung Min on the back. “I sometimes forget how innocent and shy you are, Minnie, cuz you don't act that way around me." That earned Hyung Jun a frown and a pinch in the arm from Jung Min! "Oww! Hey, it's true! You act all bad ass around me!" Hyung Jun exclaimed, which earned him a punch in the side that he blocked; then he grabbed Jung Min's hand and squeezed it until Jung Min yelped! Hyung Jun let go of Jung Min's hand, and they both chuckled for a moment at their antics. "OK, as was saying, you act all sophisticated and like a know-it-all around me. I forget sometimes you don't know everything and you have no experience with romantic relationships whatsoever.” Hyung Jun squeezed Jung Min’s shoulder. “It’s going to be all right, Minnie," Hyung Jun soothed. "If he comes over here, I’ll be right here with you. I won’t let you meet him all by yourself. But I know you want to meet him, Minnie. I know you’re attracted to him.”

“Yeah, but…I’m scared,” Jung Min mumbled; his fingers worrying the hell out of the hem of his sweater.

Hyung Jun smiled softly. It never ceased to amaze him how shy and innocent Jung Min was despite the fact that he was K-pop's “Sexy Charisma”. On stage, Jung Min oozed with sex appeal, and both men and women were attracted to him. Fans all over the world wanted to be with him, be involved with him, teach him everything there was to know about love and sex. But Jung Min kept his distance from everyone except his friends – Hyung Jun, Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong. ‘And Hyun Joong,’ Hyung Jun thought bitterly. He still couldn’t believe Jung Min was still friends with that bastard! Young Saeng and Kyu Jong had nothing to do with Hyun Joong anymore; why couldn't Jung Min do the same?! Focusing his attention on Jung Min again, Hyung Jun soothed, “It’s OK to be scared, Minnie. You’ve never felt this way about anyone before. You’ve never been with anyone before. It’s natural for you to feel a little scared because you don’t know what's going to happen if Shim Changmin comes over here.”

Jung Min looked at Hyung Jun; Jung Min’s gaze serious and soulful. “Were you?”

“Were I what?” Hyung Jun asked curiously.

“A little scared the first time Hyun Joong showed interest in you as something more than a friend?”

Hyung Jun felt his heart tear at the mentioning of his ex-boyfriend, Kim Hyun Joong – former leader of SS501 and worldwide superstar ranked in the same realm as Jung Jihoon aka Rain. The last thing Hyung Jun wanted to talk about right now was his time with Hyun Joong, but he could see in Jung Min’s eyes how important the question was to Jung Min. “Yes, Minnie, I was a little scared when…Hyun Joong first approached me, informing me of his interest in me as something more than as a friend,” Hyung Jun answered softly. “I’d never been with anyone before. He’d been in a few relationships, so his experience unnerved me a little. So it’s OK to be a little scared, Minnie. But don’t let your fear get in the way of what could be the best thing to ever happen to you. Shim Changmin has a stellar reputation. He’s nice and kind and sweet. He’s an innocent. He’s perfect for you.”

“Sometimes something that looks so perfect may not be perfect after all. Case in point – Park Leeteuk of Super Junior. He thought he had the perfect mate. He was wrong. His ex-boyfriend nearly killed him a year ago.”

“That was an unfortunate thing to have happened to Park Leeteuk. It broke my heart to hear what happened to him because he’s such a nice guy. But that won’t happen to you, Minnie. Shim Changmin is a good guy. You can trust him. And I know he can trust you,” Hyung Jun soothed. Then he looked over Jung Min’s shoulder and started grinning. “He’s coming over here,” he warned, and Jung Min stiffened, his eyes widening in shock and fear and…delight.


If there was one thing Shim Changmin had a lot of, it was bravado. His walk was casual yet purposeful as he approached Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun; his gaze locked on Park Jung Min who stood with his back towards him. He watched as Kim Hyung Jun motioned for Park Jung Min to turn around. Park Jung Min turned around, and Changmin’s breath caught in his throat at how beautiful Park Jung Min looked up-close-and-personal. Coming to halt in front of Park Jung Min, Changmin was silent for a moment as he drank in Park Jung Min’s beauty. They were both the same towering height of 6'1" so they were able to look each other in the eye effortlessly. Changmin extended his hand towards Park Jung Min and said with a bright smile, “Good afternoon, Park Jung Min-hyung. I’m Shim Changmin. I’ve been wanting to introduce myself to you for a very long time now. I hope you don’t mind.”

Yunho came up beside Changmin; Yunho determined to stop Changmin from making an ass of himself but halted when he saw Changmin extend his hand to Park Jung Min. The encouraging nod Kim Hyung Jun gave Park Jung Min to accept Changmin’s greeting made Yunho look at Kim Hyung Jun, and the feeling of butterflies fluttering in his tummy attacked Yunho again. ‘He’s beautiful. How on earth could Kim Hyun Joong leave something so beautiful?’ he thought as his gaze drank in the handsomeness that was Kim Hyung Jun.

'So this is the man Kim Jaejoong left to be with Hyun Joong,' Hyung Jun thought bitterly as he regarded Jung Yunho for a long moment. 'Why couldn't you have kept your boyfriend from stealing my boyfriend away? Why couldn't you have been enough for Kim Jaejoong?' Hyung Jun thought woundedly. The fact that Jung Yunho was extremely handsome, was just a tad taller than Hyung Jun - Hyung Jun was 5'11"; Yunho was 6'0" - and was staring appreciatively at Hyung Jun failed to register in Hyung Jun's mind so upset was he about Yunho's former boyfriend stealing Hyun Joong away from Hyung Jun.

Nervously, Park Jung Min took hold of Changmin’s hand and shook it. Both men were pleasantly surprised by how firm and sure their grips were. “No…I...I don’t mind. It’s…nice to finally meet you, Shim Changmin. You…you are apart of TVXQ, correct?” Jung Min stammered.

“Yes, and this is my band mate and dear friend Jung Yunho,” Changmin said, introducing Yunho to Jung Min.

“It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Park Jung Min,” Yunho said. Though the K-pop idols knew of each other and had seen each other at award shows and TV shows they had never officially met until now. “Especially under more cheerful circumstances,” Yunho added. The last time TVXQ had saw Park Jung Min, Kim Hyung Jun, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong and Kim Hyun Joong had been at Seoul University Medical Center a year ago after a mutual friend of theirs, Park Leeteuk of Super Junior, had been in the ICU at the medical center receiving medical care after his then-boyfriend tried to kill him.

“It’s…nice to finally meet you too, Jung Yunho. I am a big fan of TVXQ,” Jung Min stammered again; his face blushing as Changmin stared intently at him. "So is Junnie."

Yunho brightened at that and looked at Hyung Jun again. "You are a fan of TVXQ?" Yunho asked.

"Of you and Changmin - yes. Of those ex-band mates of yours? No," Hyung replied coolly; then he extended his hand toward Yunho and said, “My full name is Kim Hyung Jun. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Jung Yunho-hyung.”

“It’s a pleasure to finally meet you too, Kim Hyung Jun. And please, call me Yunho,” Yunho said, smiling kindly as he shook Hyung Jun’s hand. Hyung Jun’s hand felt firm and sure and smooth within Yunho's hand, the warmth of it sending a tingle up Yunho’s arm. ‘I haven't felt like this since…Jae,' he thought as he regarded Hyung Jun closely.

“I’m a big fan of you, Park Jung Min-hyung,” Changmin said with a charming grin; then he became all serious as he said quietly to Jung Min, “I’ve been dying to get to know you, Jung Min-hyung. How long are you going to be away? Me and Yunho-hyung just got back into town and we're staying put for a while. I'd like to take you out to dinner when you get back.”

“Changmin!” Yunho gasped in shock and punched Changmin in the arm! “He doesn’t know you!”

“But you want to get to know me, don’tcha, Jung Min-hyung?” Changmin asked boldly.

“Damn, you’re not the subtle type are you, Shim Changmin?!” Hyung Jun exclaimed as he stepped closer to Jung Min, acting like a protective shield for Jung Min.

“I don’t believe in wasting my time or Jung Min-hyung’s time with idle chit-chat, Hyung Jun-hyung. I get to the point,” Changmin explained to Hyung Jun; then he focused his attention back on the blushing Jung Min. “I want to get to know, Jung Min-hyung. I find you fascinating and I want to get to know what makes you tick; what makes you kind and sweet, what makes you burn with passion." He chuckled when Jung Min's eyes widened in shock. "So, will you have dinner with me when you return from your trip? How long will you be away?”

“Changmin, stop it!” Yunho warned, totally embarrassed by his friend's bold behavior. “This is not the way to ask someone out on a date!”

“You have your way of doing that, Yunho, I have mine! So, Jung Min-hyung, will you have dinner with me when you get back? I promise you’ll have a good time. And I’m harmless. You’d be safe with me,” Changmin said, pouring his charm on as thick as possible.

Jung Min looked stunned. Never before had anyone came on to him as strongly as Shim Changmin was coming on to him right now. It was clearly obvious to Jung Min that Shim Changmin was interested in him; but Jung Min knew very little about the younger member of TVXQ and he wasn’t sure if going out to dinner with Shim Changmin would be a good idea.

Leaning in closer to Jung Min, Changmin murmured softly, “If I’m being too forward, hyung, forgive me. But when I see something I want I don’t waste time puttering around trying to find the right moment to go after what I want. I just go for the gusto and go after what I want. And ‘you’ are who I want.” He blushed slightly. “I’m just as innocent as you are, Jung Min-hyung. I’ve never been with anyone just like you have never been with anyone. So you’re safe with me.” He smiled again. “Have dinner with me when you get back. Let me get to know you. Let yourself get to know me. I promise you’ll have a good time and you won’t regret getting to know me.”

Jung Min bit his lower lip; his gaze riveted to Changmin. “Uhm…I…I don’t know,” he stammered. “Uhm…I’m going to be away for three weeks.”

“That’s fine. We’ll meet up after you get back. Just give me a call.” Changmin slipped a card with his cell phone number on it into Jung Min's hand. “I’ll be waiting for your call. Make sure you call me. Have a nice flight and a safe trip.” Then to Jung Min’s surprise – and to Yunho’s and Hyung Jun’s surprise! – Changmin leaned over and gave Jung Min a warm hug. “I think you’re beautiful, Park Jung Min-hyung, and I love being around someone who’s beautiful like you,” he whispered in Jung Min’s ear. Then he drew back and smiled at Jung Min before wishing Hyung Jun a nice flight and a safe trip; then he strode off; leaving a shocked Jung Min, Hyung Jun and Yunho behind.

Yunho came to himself first and said, “Forgive my friend. Sometimes he’s too bold for his own good. It’s because he’s young and fearless.”

“No…it’s OK,” Jung Min said, sounding distracted as he watched Changmin leave. Then he turned to Hyung Jun and said, “We better get going.” He looked at Yunho again. “It’s nice to finally meet you, Yunho. Have a nice day.”

“You too,” Yunho replied to Jung Min; then he said to Hyung Jun, “It was nice finally meeting you too, Kim Hyung Jun.”

“Yeah, likewise. Have a great day,” Hyung Jun replied a bit distractedly as he turned and walked away; his concern-filled gaze on Jung Min as they went up to the boarding gate to board their plane.

Yunho watched them go; still in shock over how bold Changmin had just been with Jung Min…and how beautiful Hyung Jun was up-close-and-personal.

After a few moments, Yunho made his way back over to where Changmin stood waiting for airport valet to bring Yunho's Ferrari to them. Changmin was grinning like a Cheshire cat so pleased was he with himself. “I hope your boldness didn't scare Jung Min too much,” Yunho griped.

“Oh, it didn’t. He’ll call me when he gets back…or maybe before. Either way, I’m going to hear from him.” Changmin smiled at Yunho. “He wants me, Yunho. I saw it in his eyes. And he knows I want him.”

“You are impossible!” Yunho grumbled as his black Ferrari pulled up to the curb and the valet attendant got out and handed over the keys to Yunho. Yunho and Changmin put their luggage in the trunk, then they climbed into the sports car and sped off a few minutes later.


On Korean Air Flight 126 to Tokyo, Japan...

It was nearly an hour since Shim Changmin asked Jung Min out to dinner, and Jung Min hadn't said a word since boarding Korean Air Flight 126 bound for Tokyo, Japan. He just stared out the port window; his fingers worrying the hell out of a napkin.

Hyung Jun regarded his friend worriedly. He could see that Changmin's boldness had affected Jung Min deeply. Reaching out and squeezing Jung Min's hands to stop them from tearing the napkin apart, Hyung Jun asked softly, "Are you OK? Do you wanna talk about what happened at the airport?"

Jung Min was quiet for a long moment. Then he looked at Hyung Jun and whispered, "I'm attracted to Changmin. Have been for a while now. I've tried to ignore it but...it keeps getting stronger every time I see him. And now he's introduced himself to me, and he's hugged me, and he's asked me out to dinner. I...I don't know what to do. I...I feel so flustered...and so warm and tingly inside." He blushed. "Did you notice how gorgeous he is? His smile is so beautiful, and he's so outgoing and fearless. He's everything I've ever wanted in a boyfriend. But he's so young...so naive. I'm more worldly than him, and I'm just as much as a virgin as he is. But I've seen more than he has. Yunho-Hyung has protected him well from the pains of the world. I can't say the same. Hyun Joong wasn't very good at protect me and you from the pains of the world. And Saengie and Kyu could only do so much without overstepping and offending Hyun Joong. I don't know if getting involved with Changmin would be good for him. I come with a lot of baggage, as you well know."

"We all have sorrows and pains we wish we didn't have, but having them doesn't make us incompatible with someone we are attracted to," Hyung Jun soothed. He squeezed Jung Min's hands. "You like Changmin. He likes you. Go to dinner with him when we get back. Get to know him. He may just be what you've been looking for."

"Maybe," Jung Min mumbled with a deep sigh; his brow furrowed in worry. Then he brightened up a little and said to Hyung Jun, "Did you notice the way Yunho was looking at you?"

Hyung Jun looked surprised. "No. Why?"

"He couldn't take his eyes off of you," Jung Min explained with a smirk. "I think you might have an admirer."

"Puhlease! The last thing I need is Kim Jaejoong's ex interested in me! I'm done with romance. Hyun Joong was enough pain for me to last a lifetime. I'm not going through that again," Hyung Jun argued.

"He's nothing like Hyun Joong. He has a stellar reputation," Jung Min urged.

"Nope, not interested," Hyung Jun replied with a shake of his head.

"I don't want you grieving after Hyun Joong forever. You are too kind and sweet to be all alone, Junnie. You have lots of love to give. Why not give Jung Yunho a chance?" Jung Min urged.

"He hasn't said anything about being interested in me. That was Changmin saying he's interested in you," Hyung Jun reminded.

"Yunho-hyung didn't have to say it. It was written all over his face when he looked at you," Jung Min said seriously. Then he went back looking out the port window at the fluffy white clouds floating by.

Hyung Jun leaned back in his seat and thought about what Jung Min just said. Jung Min was right - Jung Yunho stared at Hyung Jun like Hyung Jun was the Hope diamond or something equally beautiful and valuable. But could Jung Yunho be trusted? Hyung Jun wondered. Hyung Jun had been fooled by a pretty face once before; he wasn't going to be fooled again...no matter how nice and kind and good Jung Yunho was.


Military Outpost
Seoul, South Korea

The sun was shining brightly as Heo Young Saeng waited eagerly for his boyfriend to appear outside the military gates, thus ending his boyfriend's two-year mandatory military service. Young Saeng knew his boyfriend's honorable discharge would be overshadowed by Rain's honorable discharge today because Rain was the biggest Korean star in the world, but Young Saeng was OK with that. He would have Kyu Jong all to himself and that was just how he liked it.

He sensed someone approaching and looked around to find someone wearing shades as dark as his own come towards him. The indiviual stopped beside him and smiled slightly at him. "Have I missed anything, Saengie?"

Young Saeng removed his sunglasses and regarded the indiviual standing beside him. "You shouldn't be here, Hyun," he said tensely.

"He's my friend too, Saengie. And you are my friend. I have every right to be here," Kim Hyun Joong contradicted.

"If Hyung Jun had come would you have come?" Young Saeng asked just as the doors to the outpost opened. An immediate cheer sounded as world star Rain emerged; the 31 year old entertainer looking so handsome and so mature as he was greeted by his father, his sister and his girlfriend K-pop queen Lee Hyori. Both Young Saeng and Hyun Joong clapped respectfully at the sight of Rain.

"Yes. Because I care about him," Hyun Joong murmured to Young Saeng.

"He's still grieving, Hyun. You shattered his heart," Young Saeng reminded as other soldiers began to stream out of the open doors of the military outpost. Young Saeng searched for Kyu Jong. Over where Rain was, the press were taking pictures as Rain greeted Lee Hyori with a hug that lifted her off her feet and gave her a kiss that had all of Rain's and Hyori's fans swooning and Rain's father and sister smiling in delight for the super-couple.

"I never meant to hurt him, Saengie. You know how much I love him," Hyun Joong beseeched.

"But you are with Kim Jaejoong. How can you claim to love Junnie so much if you are with Jaejoong and you are telling everyone he is the love of your life?" Young Saeng asked tersely.

"It's complicated," Hyun Joong murmured quietly.

Young Saeng glared at Hyun Joong, about to light into Hyun Joong viciously when he heard a soft, mellow voice whisper in his ear, "Saengie-aah."

Young Saeng whirled around and found Kim Kyu Jong standing before him dressed in his military attire looking so handsome and fit and grinning elatedly.

Young Saeng forgot all about Hyun Joong as he gathered Kyu Jong into his arms for a huge bear hug. "Oh, Kyu-sshi! My Kyu-sshi! I've missed you soooo much!"

Kyu Jong returned Young Saeng's hug; his face glowing with joy. "I've missed you too, little otter. But I'm coming home now. My time of service to our country is over with. I can now be with you again," he soothed as he felt Young Saeng's arms tighten around him. "Where's Junnie and Minnie?" he asked.

"They have a fan-meet engagement in Tokyo that they could not reschedule so they are on their way there now. They send their love and are sorry they can't be here," Young Saeng explained as he drew back to look at Kyu Jong again. His dimples were showing in his round, gorgeously handsome face as he smiled broadly. "I've missed you, sweetheart. I've missed you so much," he whispered as he reached up and touched Kyu Jong's lean, smooth cheek. "You look so handsome," he praised softly.

Kyu Jong smiled as he leaned forward and tenderly kissed Young Saeng. "You look beautiful," he murmured against Young Saeng's lips; the feel of those soft, pouty lips against his again rocking him to his core. He wanted to deepen the kiss but knew the press would probably notice it and take pictures of it so he kept it gentle and light.

Young Saeng wanted to respond passionately to his boyfriend's kiss but knew this neither the time nor the place so he responded gently and lightly to the kiss. When they drew apart a few seconds later, they pressed their foreheads together as Young Saeng whispered softly, "Welcome back, sweetheart. I love you."

"It's good to be back, angel. And I love you too," Kyu Jong whispered back. He started to kiss Young Saeng again when he caught sight of Hyun Joong. He stiffened as he drew back from Young Saeng and said tensely to Hyun Joong, "What are you doing here?"

"I came to welcome my friend back," Hyun Joong said softly.

Kyu Jong's gaze hardened. "You're no friend of mine. Not after what you did to Junnie," he hissed angrily; his hands balling into fists at his sides.

"Kyu-sshi, don't. Not here," Young Saeng warned the younger man.

Kyu Jong relent then asked Hyun Joong, "How are you?"

"I'm well. You look good, Kyu," Hyun Joong replied.

"Thanks. Now why are you 'really' here?" Kyu Jong asked tightly.

Hyun Joong sighed deeply as he took off his shades. His dark hazel eyes were soulful as he regarded Kyu Jong and Young Saeng for a long moment. Then he cleared his throat and said softly to them, "It's time for SS501 to return. The fans have waited long enough. I want to do this before I enlist next year. And I need both of you to help me convince Junnie and Minnie to regroup with us again."

Both Kyu Jong and Young Saeng looked at Hyun Joong incredulously. "What makes you think we want to regroup with you after what you did to Junnie?" Kyu Jong asked tersely.

"This is business. We all agreed to regroup when the time was right. We all signec contracts stating that fact. If I have to I will bring lawyers into this," Hyun Joong warned, sounding every bit like the consummate leader he once was for SS501.

"We'll sue you for breach of contract," Kyu Jong warned.

"What breach in contract? I've never turned my back on SS501," Hyun Joong said.

"You betrayed Hyung Jun," Kyu Jong reminded tightly.

"That wasn't a breach in contract, Kyu-sshi. That was personal. It had nothing to do with SS501," Young Saeng contradicted.

"You try telling Hyung Jun," Kyu Jong argued at his boyfriend. Then he looked at Hyun Joong and said tersely, "Like he'll I'll help you get Hyung Jun and Jung Min to regroup with you again. Saengie and I aren't regrouping with you either. You destroyed any chance we had of becoming SS501 again when you left Hyung Jun to go be with Jaejoong. You made your bed, now lie in it." And with that said, Kyu Jong steered himself and Young Saeng away from Hyun Joong and over to Young Saeng's waiting black and silver Hummer.

Hyun Joong watched them go; a look of sadness on his handsome face. 'If only I could tell you two and Minnie the truth. If only I could tell Junnie the truth,' he thought sadly. Then he put his shades back on and hurried back to his black Porche before the press and fans noticed he was there.

The press and fans continued to fawn over world-star Rain and his K-pop queen Lee Hyori; no one noticing Hyun Joong nor Young Saeng and Kyu Joong. Had Rain and Hyori not bern there, the press and the fans would had notice the three older ex-members of SS501 and would have hounded them relentlessly.


The Saeng-Kyu Estate
Seoul, South Korea

A while later...

Entering the mansion, Kyu Jong looked around as though he had never seen the home he shared with Young Saeng before. The decor was warm and masculine, with earthy browns, beiges, russets, golds and blacks that gave the mansion an exotic look and feel. Kyu Jong reached out and touched the mahogany railing of the staircase; his long fingers caressing it gently as savored the smooth, polished feel of it. He then left the foyer and entered the parlor where photographs that told the story of his life with Young Saeng and their SS501 friends were scattered everywhere neatly arranged. He went to the grand piano in the room - a gift he'd given Young Saeng two years ago just before enlisting - and picked up the framed picture that meant the most to him: a picture of him and Young Saeng taken in their backyard two years ago just before his enlistment. Young Saeng was sitting on a bench in the flower garden with Kyu Jong standing behind him and bending down with his arms wrapped around Young Saeng. Young Saeng's hands were gently gripping Kyu Jong's forearms, and they were both smiling gleefully - Young Saeng's dimples on full display. Hyung Jun had taken the photo with Jung Min urging Kyu Jong and Young Saeng to smile happily.

Staring at the framed photo, Kyu Jong touched the glass pane covering it; his fingertips caressing the image of Young Saeng's beautiful face lovingly. He was so glad to be home again; so glad to be back with his Saengie-aah again.

"I love that photo of us too. I looked at it every day and every night to remind myself how wonderful our life together is," Young Saeng said softly as he came up beside Kyu Jong and looked at the photo too.

"You look so beautiful in this photo...your dimples on full display," Kyu Jong whispered as he caressed Young Saeng's image again lovingly.

Young Saeng smiled and took the framed photo from Kyu Jong's hands and placed it back on the piano. Then he reached up and slid his arms around Kyu Jong's neck; his nose nuzzling the hollow of Kyu Jong's neck before kissing Kyu Jong's neck gently, thus causing the pulse in the hollow of Kyu Jong's neck to flutter wildly. Young Saeng looked into Kyu Jong's brown eyes and whispered softly, "I missed you, sweetheart. I missed you sooo much. The house felt sooo empty without you here. Some nights...I would cry myself to sleep I missed you sooo much." Young Saeng's ebony gaze glistened as tears filled them. "Don't ever leave me again, Kyu-sshi. I can't take being separated from you. My life means nothing without you in it."

Kyu Jong felt his heart constrict with emotion at Young Saeng's heartfelt words. Wrapping his arms around Young Saeng's waist and pulling Young Saeng flush against him, Kyu Jong whispered softly, "I dreamnt about you every night I was away. I dreamnt about going to fan-meets with you...singing with you when we were SS501...playing basketball with you...making love with you." Kyu Jong pressed his lips against Young Saeng's forehead, and Young Saeng's eyes closed as he savored the touch of Kyu Jong's lips against his skin again. Then Kyu Jong dipped lower, his lips brushing briefly against Young Saeng's before he whispered, " I missed you, little otter. And I love you...so very, very much." Then he pressed his lips against Young Saeng's and began to kiss Young Saeng deeply and hungrily.

Young Saeng moaned and twined his fingers through Kyu Jong's silky dark brown hair as he responded passionately to Kyu Jong's kiss. His lips parted at the gentle probing of Kyu Jong's tongue and moaned again when Kyu Jong's tongue dipped inside to taste deeply of Young Saeng's honey-sweet taste. Young Saeng moaned again and pressed his lean, toned body closer against Kyu Jong's lean, toned body; Young Saeng's tongue dancing against Kyu Jong's tongue before darting into Kyu Jong's mouth to taste deeply of Kyu Jong's minty fresh taste.

Kyu Jong groaned and leaned back against the piano as his hands slid down Young Saeng's sides to cup the firm globes of Young Saeng's ass through the denim fabric of Young Saeng's jeans. Kyu Jong molded and squeezed the pert cheeks, rocking Young Saeng's hips against his own; their groins rubbing together as their cocks hardened within the confines of their clothing.

Young Saeng broke their kiss to feather kisses down the bronze-colored expanse of Kyu Jong's smooth neck; Young Saeng's tongue laving at the corded tendons before sucking the delicious skin into his mouth to leave his mark on Kyu Jong. Kyu Jong groaned at the feel of Young Saeng branding him; then he cupped Young Saeng's head in his hands and lifted Young Saeng's head up till he could see Young Saeng's face again; then swooped down and kissed Young Saeng deeply as his fingers began unbuttoning Young Saeng's shirt, then unbuckling Young Saeng's belt and unzipping Young Saeng's jeans. Once he had Young Saeng undressed, he lowered his head and kissed the smooth, muscled ivory expanse of Young Saeng's toned chest; his mouth finding a coral-colored nipple and laving it with his tongue before covering it with his mouth and sucking on it hungrily.

"Aah...!" Young Saeng cried out as pleasure streaked through him; his knees giving out as he became all weak and achy with need. Kyu Jong's arms tighened around Young Saeng, preventing Young Saeng's fall as Kyu Jong continued sucking on the nipple; then he trailed his lips back up Young Saeng's chest to suck at Young Saeng's neck, branding Young Saeng as his before capturing Young Saeng's lips in another searing kiss. As they kissed hungrily, Young Saeng tore at Kyu Jong's military uniform, undressing Kyu Jong and then caressing the smooth bronzed expanse of Kyu Jong's muscled chest; then Young Saeng gasped in delight when Kyu Jong lifted Young Saeng upwards until Young Saeng could wrap his long bare legs around Kyu Jong's bare waist; then Kyu Jong carried the smaller built Young Saeng over to one of the black leather recliners in the parlor and sat down in it; then arranged Young Saeng so that Young Saeng straddled his hips.

They kissed feverishly; their hunger for each other intensifying as their hands mapped each other's bodies again; familiarizing themselves again after being denied each other for two years. Then Kyu Jong broke their kiss and husked in Young Saeng's ear as Young Saeng began rocking himself against Kyu Jong, "Condom. Lube. Now." Since Kyu Jong was a carrier of the Hepatitis B virus (he had contracted the virus when he was born because his mother had had the disease) he always practiced safe sex with Young Saeng so that Young Saeng would never become infected with the virus.

"Upstairs...in our bedroom," Young Saeng moaned as he arched his head back to allow Kyu Jong better access to his neck. Kyu Jong found a particularly sensitive area along the corded tendons of Young Saeng's throat and sucked strongly yet gently. Young Saeng mewled in pleasure.

Hoisting himself and Young Saeng upwards out of the leather chair, Kyu Jong strode out of the parlor, carrying Young Saeng upstairs to their bedroom. Kyu Jong carried Young Saeng effortlessly, his time in the military having strengthen him physically. Entering the bedroom, he carried Young Saeng over to the large king-sized bed and turned down the comforter and sheets before laying Young Saeng down upon the mattress. He then went into the bathroom to retrieve two condoms and lube. He returned to find Young Saeng waiting for him in all of his naked glory.

Kyu Jong let his gaze travel hungrily over Young Saeng's fit and lean body. "You're beautifil, angel," he whispered throatily.

Young Saeng let his gaze travel over the siweny expanse of Kyu Jong's body. Kyu Jong was fitter and leaner; his time in the military having toned his body remarkably. "You're gorgeous, sweetheart," Young Saeng whispered back softly. Then he beckoned his boyfriend to come to him.

Kyu Jong pounced onto the bed, causing himself and Young Saeng giggle in delight before he kissed Young Saeng deeply, his fingers tearing open a foil packet and rolling a condom unto Young Saeng's stiff cock. Then he trailed his lips down Young Saeng's lean chest and ridged abs until he reached the thick length of Young Saeng's cock. Gently he licked at the latex covered cock; his tongue laving at its mushroom-shaped tip before sucking it into his mouth, bathing the strawberry-flavored condom with saliva and suctioning the cock with warmth.

"Aah, Kyu..." Young Saeng gasped, pleasure streaking through him as Kyu Jong sucked strongly yet gently. He tangled his fingers in Kyu Jong's and watched as Kyu Jong bobbed his head up and down, up and down...Kyu Jong's cheeks hollowing as he sucked and sucked and sucked...

"Ooh! Ooh, Kyu-sshi...Kyu-sshi!" Young Saeng gasped again, his breath hitching as he felt his cock throb, his sacs tighten and his heartbeat accelerate. Then he screamed softly as he stiffened and came; his cum collecting inside the protective covering of the condom.

Kyu Jong felt Young Saeng's cock pulse within his mouth. He longed to know what Young Saeng's essence tasted like but knew he would never know its taste. He couldn't risk Young Saeng's health no matter how deeply he wanted to know Young Saeng's taste.

Trailing his lips back up Young Saeng's body to sprinkle kisses all over Young Saeng's flushed face, Young Saeng mewled and captured Kyu Jong's lips in a searing kiss. Kyu Jong moaned and responded hungrily to the kiss as he put the other condom on his swollen cock then lube the cock before reaching in between Young Saeng's legs to caress Young Saeng's tiny opening, lubbing the area up before gently thrusting first one, then two, then three fingers into Young Saeng's body.

"Ah!" Young Saeng gasped; his nail biting into the firm skin of Kyu Jong's back and shoulders as a burning sting shot through him. It had been two years since he'd last felt Kyu Jong inside of him so he was tight and untried. He felt Kyu Jong scissor his fingers then thrust them in and out, stretching Young Saeng, preparing Young Saeng for something bigger and thicker.

"Am I hurting you?" Kyu Jong asked in concern as he tenderly kissed Young Saeng's soft, sweet lips.

"No! Aah, god, no!" Young Saeng gasped as he arched his hips, desperate to send Kyu Jong's fingers deeper inside of him. "Please...please Kyu-sshi...please," he chanted breathlessly.

Kyu Jong knew what his beloved was asking for and he withdrew his fingers to grant Young Saeng's request. Parting Young Saeng's legs and wrapping them high around his waist, he nestled his groin into the cradle of Young Saeng's thighs; then he parted the pert cheeks of Young Saeng's buttocks and hoisted Young Saeng's hip up off of the bed before slowly and carefully thrusting his condom-and-lub covered cock into Young Saeng's body.

"Ooh, god, Saengie," Kyu Jong gasped as he felt the tight walls of Young Saeng's channel close snugly around his aching member. It had been two years since he'd last felt Young Saeng's tightness and he almost spent himself it felt sooo good. He held himself still, his cock throbbing as he fought to control himself so that he wouldn't climax just yet. He felt Young Saeng's body mold around his cock, accepting his girth and width. He cupped Young Saeng's face in his hands and waited patiently for Young Saeng to grow re-accustomed to him again. Young Saeng looked at him with ebony eyes full of want and neeed and desire for him; Young Saeng's black hair framing his beautiful face like a dark halo. "I love you," Kyu Jong whispered thickly.

Young Saeng moaned and arched his hips, his own condom-covered cock hardening again at the feel of Kyu Jong's cock inside of him again; the empty space within his being filled again because Kyu Jong was back with him again. "I love you. Aah, Kyu-sshi...I love you," he whispered back huskily.

Kyu Jong felt Young Saeng's hips arch and knew Young Saeng was ready. Watching Young Saeng's face closely he began to move, thrusting gently at first, then more strongly as Young Saeng tightened his legs around Kyu Jong's waist and thrust with Kyu Jong; Young Saeng's body writhing as pleasure and joy surged through him. "Aah, sweetheart...my center...my world...I love you...I love you...aaah! I love you!"

"Aah, Saengie-aah. My prince...my little otter...I love you...aaah, baby, I love you!" Kyu Jong gasped into Young Saeng's mouth as he kissed Young Saeng deeply and passionately.

They moved together again as one for the first time in two years; their hands mapping each other's bodies and remembering every smooth slope and every sharp angle of their frames; their hearts soaring with love and joy as they reconnected with each other. Then Kyu Jong slid his hand in between their bodies and encircled Young Saeng's swollen cock again, jerking the thick condom-covered flesh and rubbing his thumb repeatedly across the pulsating tip. He felt Young Saeng's insides contract around his own cock as Young Saeng stiffened and stared wide-eyedly at Kyu Jong.

"Kyu-sshi!" Young Saeng cried out as the tight coil within his being snapped again; his body shaking as he climaxed for a second time; the condom covering his cock strong enough to withstand another burst of cum as he came long and hard; the pleasure achy-sweet as his insides contracted strongly around Kyu Jong's cock.

Kyu Jong groaned and buried his face in the crook of Young Saeng's neck as he erupted; his condom filling with cum as he thrust his hips a few more times then held himself still; his cock buried deep within Young Saeng's body and butting gently at the sensitive bundle of nerves within Young Saeng's sweet spot.

They held each other close afterwards, basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking; Young Saeng tenderly kissing Kyu Jong's forehead as his hands caressed Kyu Jong's back. They were both exhausted but pleasantly so. Breathing in the familiar scent of his beloved, Young Saeng whispered in Kyu Jong's ear, "Welcome home, my love. Welcome home."

Kyu Jong kissed Young Saeng deeply, languidly before whispering back to him, "Thank you for waiting for me. I'm so glad to be home with you again. I love you so much."

Young Saeng stroked Kyu Jong's face. "I love you so much too. I love you so much..." he whispered then pulled Kyu Jong's head down so that he could kiss Kyu Jong deeply.

Kyu Jong moaned and responded passionately to the kiss; his heart and Young Saeng's heart soaring with love and joy for they were complete again.

Complete in each other.


The Super Junior Compound
Seoul, South Korea

The sound of weeping floated down the staircase and into the ears of the occupants in the living room. “He’s crying again,” Lee Donghae said worriedly. “It’s been a year. I thought he would be further along than this by now.”

“Abuse – especially the kind he’s suffered – is not easy to get beyond,” Kim Ryeowook said solemnly. “He may never fully recover from his ordeal.”

“I can’t stand this anymore. I can’t stand how shattered he still is. I gotta do something about it.” Whirling around, Choi Siwon marched upstairs to where the weeping was coming from. Both Donghae and Ryeowook hurried after him.

Siwon entered the bedroom quietly. He looked around the bedroom and found the source of the weeping standing by the window staring out of it blindly. Approaching slowly so as not to frighten the person weeping, Siwon came to a halt behind the person and whispered gently, “Leeteuk? Are you all right? What's wrong?”

Park Leeteuk shook his head; tears streaming down his face as he wrapped his arms about himself and rocked back and forth. “Nightmare,” he gasped after a long moment. “I dreamed…he was raping me and beating me and choking me again.”

“Oh, Leeteuk,” Siwon moaned grievously as he reached out and wrapped his arms around the older man and hugged Leeteuk back against his chest. He felt Leeteuk stiffen at first then relax within his embrace.

“I trusted him,” Leeteuk groaned; his voice raw from weeping. “I loved him. He tried to kill me. He raped me. He left me for dead. I nearly bled to death.”

“Baby, don’t think about him anymore. He’s locked up and will never hurt you again,” Siwon soothed; his eyes closing as tears leaked from them. He tightened his arms around Leeteuk, willing his strength to comfort Leeteuk. He felt Leeteuk shudder against him.

Donghae and Ryeowook entered the bedroom to find Siwon holding their leader Leeteuk. It was obvious to both of them that Siwon was still deeply in love with Leeteuk and wanted desperately to soothe and comfort Leeteuk and help Leeteuk overcome the ordeal he had suffered a year ago at the hands of a brutal boyfriend.

"I should've listened to you, Siwon. I should've been with you instead of him," Leeteuk whispered rawly.

"Ssh, don't second-guess yourself, Teukie. You were in love. You wanted to be with him. And he had come across as being very kind and caring of you," Siwon soothed; his lips pressing against Leeteuk's temple kissing it gently.

"You told me you loved me. I broke your heart by going off to be with him. I should've stayed with you," Leeteuk grieved.

"You weren't in love with me then. You wouldn't have been happy with me because you didn't want me then," Siwon reminded Leeteuk. It had shattered Siwon's heart when Leeteuk had chosen Jin Woo Na over him. Leeteuk had had feelings for Siwon back then, but Leeteuk's feelings for Jin Woo Na were deeper. Leeteuk chose Jin Woo Na and eventually lived to regret that choice. But no one had noticed anything dangerous about Jin Woo Na until the bastard nearly killed Leeteuk a year ago. Leeteuk was still recovering from the ordeal emotionally, psychologically and physically. Leeteuk had yet to resume his career and leadership duties of Super Junior. The fans were begging for him to return to his life as an entertainer but he couldn't just yet. He might not ever be able to return to his professional life again.

"I loved you. I've always loved you," Leeteuk murmured sadly. "But I was afraid your feelings for me were just infatuation. So I went with Jin instead...and lived to regret it." His shoulders began to shake as he wept grievously.

"You were in love with him. And you had every right to question my feelings for you since my track record in love is not very good," Siwon soothed as he kissed Leeteuk's temple again. "But that's all in the past now. You survived, and I'm here; more in love with you now than I had been back then." He turned Leeteuk around to face him. The look of despair in Leeteuk's eyes cleaved his heart. "Let me help you, Leeteuk. Let me help you overcome your fear and your pain. Let my love heal you, angel. Trust me to take care of you and protect you. Let me love you, angel. Let yourself finally love me in return," Siwon pleaded.

Both Donghae and Ryeowook held their breaths, praying that Leeteuk would finally allow Siwon to help him.

Leeteuk looked at Siwon with eyes full of heartache and fear. Then he closed his eyes, tears streaming down his beautiful face as he whispered, "Help me, Siwon. Help me. Please help me."

"Ssshhh, I'll help you, angel. I'll help you," Siwon crooned as he gathered Leeteuk close again. Leeteuk wept against Siwon's shoulder; Leeteuk's hands knotting the fine fabric of Siwon's shirt. Both Donghae and Ryeowook breathed sighs of relief. Finally, Leeteuk was going to let Siwon help him. Finally, Siwon would have his time with Leeteuk and would show Leeteuk what real love, true love was like.



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