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07 November 2006 @ 05:32 pm
And It Happened Like This - pt.2  
Author: Chi
Title: And It Happened Like This
Chapter 2-?
Pairing:Double YS (Yehsung of Super Junior and Youngsaeng of SS501)
Rating: G
Form: short story
Genre: crack? yes?
Part: SuperWild

Part 2: CrazyHorse

In another part of Seoul, South Korea....

Youngsaeng sat down next to Baby and stared ahead of him. He wasn't really in the mood for the game show that was currently being shown. It was boring anyway, same scripted stuff day after day.

"No. I mean it. No!" Hyungjoon told Youngsaeng quietly despite its firmness in tone. He cut his eyes toward Youngsaeng, who sat back and peeled a banana.

"Could you please go and get Jungmin?" It's not a request it's an order and they both know it, even if Youngsaeng did say it in the sweetest way possible.

Hyungjoon sat back and whined. Youngsaeng licked the banana and the youngest caught the slow movement in his peripheral vision. He sat up and turned to look at Youngsaeng who was innocently biting into the banana.

"I'm not going." Hyungjoon tries to maintain his stand but Youngsaeng knows him better by now. "I'll reveal your secret to the internet." Hyungjoon threatens.

Youngsaeng smirks and sits back, not phased at all. He closes his eyes as he brings the banana back to his lips and nearly smiles when a tiny whimper escapes from Hyungjoon. He only lets the small smile show when he felt the other boy get up to do his bidding. That never fails to bring a smile upon his face. With the face of an angel, 'it was easy, so why not', was his motto. Evenmoreso, since meeting his band leader, Hyunjoong. That said person, at times, seemed immune Youngsaeng's allure and so the rest of the members suffered for it. Since the baby of the group had the misfortune of being named Hyungjoon, which was too close to the leader's name, he suffered the most.

'He'd reveal my secret onto the internet,'Youngsaeng now laughed inwardly. 'What could he reveal that wasn't already speculated about? That fool would implement himself too. What a weak threat',he thought as he slowly chewed on his banana before swallowing, taking another small bite and keeping his eye trained on the small bit of drama unfolding before him. He changed seats to get a better view. Hyungjoon was now standing by the bathroom door. For Jungmin was in the hall bathroom which meant he was either asleep or soaking or whatever he choses to do in the tub. Everyone knew the disturb him at either time was certain death. 'Maybe he should have just revealed my secrets to the world, that dummy.'Youngsaeng thought.

"Saengie?", Hyunjoong stepped out of the room and walked over to him. Youngsaeng drew his eyes from the terrified baby by the door to their leader, his face emotionless, though his eyes couldn't contain the merriment dancing in them.

"Yes?", the angelface answered quietly before moving a bit of hair out of his eyes and taking another small bite of banana. He looked up at Leader as the boy sat down on the arm of the chair.

"Why are you looking so happy? What are you up to?", he raised his wrinkled his brows as he examined Youngsaeng then their surroundings. "What's he doing?" he asked as he spotted the baby by the door.

Youngsaeng sat back and smiled.

"Ahhh that's what you are doing?"

"Why are you blaming me for stuff. He is just standing there anyway. That's not a crime right?" Youngsaeng's smile swiftly turning into a carefully, practiced pout.

"We'll see." Hyunjoong said then smiled and rubbed Youngsaeng cheek. "What am I saying. of course you aren't doing anything. You were just sitting here looking so cute I had to bother you." He stood up and winked before heading into the kitchen. "Yah. Super Junior?"boomed a voice from the kitchen making Youngsaeng sit up quickly. He shot anxious eyes in that direction before sitting back and smacking himself silly at his carelessness. He closed his eyes and counted down from five, carefully masking his face.Hopefully he was fast enough, as Hyunjoong was stomping out of the kitchen waving a folder in front of his face.

"Super Junior not only Super Junior but..... Him! What were they thinking! Why does HE have to come? There is 12 of them why are-"

"There is 13 now." Youngsaeng said quietly, frowning at the half-banana in his hand.

"What? Really? That's not the point, No, actually that helps my point! Is the new guy coming?"

"Hmm nope." with this he took the banana and dangled it upside-down letting the flaps flop around it.

"Why are you so calm?" Hyunjoong asked as he watched his dongsaeng playing with his half-eaten banana.

"Why aren't you?", he shot back calm but challenging.

"What the heck is this? The way he treats you-"Hyunjoong asked a hint of desperation slipping into his voice as the older kneeled down in front of him clutching his black pants at the knee.

"I think I deserve it and it's his way. I still like him. He makes life a bit more interesting I think. I think the world would be boring if everyone liked me."

"He wouldn't treat you bad on air, but, I'll go for you." Leader said and immediately Youngsaeng knew he'd chosen the wrong words. He couldn't let Hyunjoong ruin this for him.

"No." he said as soft as a breeze yet as strong as a hurricane.

"I'm the leader-"

"I'll ask manger-hyung if its ok for you to shirk your duties to take over mine then."

"What?! I'm not shirking my duties. Protecting my members-"

"Who don't need protecting?"

"grr..." Hyunjoong growled in frustration. "Ok. You win Heo Youngsaeng, but if things go wrong-"

"You are a wonderful leader. Where would we be without you?" Youngsaeng smiled sweetly and touched Hyunjoong's cheek, when a sudden moment catches his attention. The forgotten Hyungjoon had finally found the courage to open the bathroom door. A bellow of "You idiot, baby. I'm going to kill you!", roared from the bathroom. Youngsaeng's eyes widen slightly as Hyungjoon let out a scream and started running as a book sails after him nearly missing the small of his back and hits him in the side. The poor boy falls against the wall and crumples to the floor, whimpering.

"It's a crime Youngsaeng.", Leader says as he walks over to the bathroom. "You really stink man...really. Keep the door closed will you? Oh and hurry up its almost time for you to go and Younsaeng is getting bored."

Hyunjoong helps Hyungjoon off of the floor and into his room as Kyujong, who has been in front of the livingroom window writing, looks up, his quiet giggling barely stifled. Youngsaeng is reminded that he is indeed irritated at having to wait this long, but he is happy he got to see Baby get in trouble. He decides to send an email since he has to wait anyway.

omg my eyes are so tired so I didnt read over it as many times as I normally do so if I screwed up somewhere let me know loves..lol also I kept laughing at the torture of poor baby so that doesn't help. *sees him hit the wall with his hands in the air and sliding to the floor again and just cracks up for the n%th time*
...s7nluv on November 8th, 2006 01:34 am (UTC)
LOL...poor baby...give me double hj?...since yeongsaeng is going to yehsung anyway...and with juss the four of them left kyumin is a must!...and that only leaves double hj together!...*hopes*...no onesided hyunsaeng...leader deserves happiness! =D...but yes...

otter is so different from wut i picture!...or who i think he is...LOL...but its fine because this is amusing...he's so mean to baby though...*protects baby*...and his logic about why he attacks baby the most is hilarious!...anyways...yes...update soon!